Brass Stationery Tray
Brass Stationery Tray


Brass Stationery Tray


Crafted with sand casting technique, this brass tray has a unique rough texture called “Ihada”, which gives a sophisticated appearance. A perfect tray to organize and display your stationery, jewelry or decorative objects. The soft velvet bottom protects your desk from scratches.

The long-established foundry Futagami in Takaoka has collaborated with Japanese designer Masanori Oji since 2009 to create contemporary brass products using traditional techniques.

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Designed by Masanori Oji
Made in Takaoka, Japan

Materials: Brass and Velvet
Dimensions: 213 x 87 x 13mm
Weight: 525g

  • Brass products gradually change their color over time due to oxidization, from gold to camel within 5 years and to russet brown in 30 years.