About Us

Tahito is an online journal and webstore based in Tokyo, specializing in carefully curated Japanese design products, printed matters, vintage items and art works. With the knowledge of a local and the curiosity of a traveller, we gather uniquely crafted objects of Japanese sensibility and document the people and stories behind them.

With pen and camera in hand, we visit the makers and create original articles and interviews, offering an insight into their thoughts, ideas, working methods and environments. Through our platform, the beautiful products and works they make are made available for shipping to the rest of the world.



About The Name

Tahito is an old Japanese word meaning “a traveller”, found in the ancient books Nihon Shoki and Manyoshu from the 7-8th century. We like how it sounds; classic Japanese and at the same time somehow borderless. The word can be written as 旅人 in Kanji characters, today pronounced as Tabibito.


Jun Harada, Founder 


I am a graphic designer, writer and bookseller, born and raised in the heart of Tokyo. As a passionate traveller who loves the arts, I like to spend my time walking around cities like a nomadic cat, not belonging to one place.

After spending time in Berlin, I was inspired to start Tahito, an idea I had been developing in my mind for several years. In 2016, I founded Tahito as a platform to connect artists and makers I encounter whilst exploring my home country with the rest of the world.