Pencil Exercise
Pencil Exercise
Pencil Exercise
Pencil Exercise

Edition Nord

Pencil Exercise


With over 1000 pages, this bulky book contains 500 monochrome drawings by New York-based Japanese artist Misaki Kawai (河井美咲), known for colorful paintings, humorous installations and unique zines. Enjoy the enormous pages to immerse yourself in Kawai’s world.

By the patented special binding, this book has a solid appearance with very soft spine and easily opens 180-degree. The front cover comes in 8 types.

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Edition Nord - Art Publisher Based In A Snowy Land

Author: Misaki Kawai
Publisher: Edition Nord
Language: Japanese / English

Limited edition of 1000, 2011

Designed by Shin Akiyama, Ayako Tsutsumi, Takuya Sek, Wataru Kobara
Printed and bound by Print Designing

Dimensions: 257 x 182 x 55 mm
Pages: 1010
Weight: 1910g
Binding: Softcover