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This boxed edition published by Edition Nord contains exact replicas of amateur photographs collected by American artist Christian Holstad for his installation “Blood Bath & Beyond” exhibited at the gallery Hiromiyoshii in 2007.

With the latest printing technology, all photographs were replicated exactly as they were, including the reverse side. You will be surprised at the high quality which took two years to achieve and Christian himself got greatly impressed.

On the front, one of the photo cards is mounted by hand, which comes in several types.

Know more:
Edition Nord - Art Publisher Based In A Snowy Land

Author: Christian Holstad
Publisher: Edition Nord
Language: Japanese / English

Limited edition of 800, 2009

Designed by Shin Akiyama, Kentaro Matsui
Printed by Onozuka Printing
Bound by Chiku Chiku Laboratory

Dimensions: 225 x 150 x 28 mm
Contents: 38 cards in color
Weight: 255g

  • The front photo card can't be specified.