Aji Stone Doorstop
Aji Stone Doorstop
Aji Stone Doorstop
Aji Stone Doorstop

Aji Project

Aji Stone Doorstop


Stylish and modern, this polished stone door stopper from Shikoku island shows a traditional Japanese feel along with a contemporary appearance and functionality.

Made out of local Aji Stone, a durable granite with a beautiful speckled pattern, from the famous quarry area of Aji and Mure in Takamatsu City. The rope handle makes the door stop easy to move from location to location.

If you visit the production area, the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum is too good to miss. Isamu established a studio there in 1969 and had been based in Mure and New York for his last twenty years.

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Designed by Eiji Ota
Made in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan.

Materials: Natural Granite Aji Stone and Natural Fiber
Dimensions: H75 φ150 mm
Weight: 2000g

  • The price has been raised officially in 2021.