Edition Nord



This bulky book contains 500 new drawings by Japanese artist Masanao Hirayama aka Himaa. Born in Kobe in 1976, he has produced multifaceted projects including drawings, performances, videos and installations, as well as art publications with domestic and international publishers, such as Nieves, Innen and Rondade.

The patented special binding effects very soft spine and the book easily opens 180-degree. Enjoy the visual sequence created by Himaa's spontaneous lines. 

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Edition Nord - Art Publisher Based In A Snowy Land

Author: Masanao Hirayama
Publisher: Edition Nord
Language: Japanese / English

Limited edition of 1000, 2011

Designed by Shin Akiyama, Ayako Tsutsumi, Takuya Seki, Wataru Kobara
Printed and bound by Print Designing

Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 40 mm
Pages: 560
Weight: 675g
Binding: Softcover