Tsubame Coffee Dripper
Tsubame Coffee Dripper
Tsubame Coffee Dripper

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Tsubame Coffee Dripper


Handcrafted from enameled stainless steel, this coffee dripper from Tsubame is light, sturdy and easy to clean. The enameled surface keeps the aroma and flavor of coffee beans intact. When you brew directly into your cup, a peephole on the bottom allows you to see the amount of coffee drips. Perfect for travel and tough enough for outdoors.

Instead of the common method of underlying cast iron and dipping, long-established Takakuwa Metal uses advanced enameling techniques for underlying stainless steel and spraying to make their products thinner, lighter and more durable.

The bird logo is derived from the city name Tsubame meaning “swallow” in Japanese.

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触れるものの味や匂いに干渉しない琺瑯の特性をいかしたドリッパー。コーヒー本来の味と香りを損わず、おいしい一杯を抽出できます。ベースには覗き穴がついており、マグカップに直接抽出する際、コーヒーの落ちる量を目で確認できるのがGood! フィルターは円錐型対応の市販品をご使用ください。


Designed by Glocal Standard Products
Made in Tsubame, Niigata, Japan.

Materials: Stainless Steel and Enamel
Dimensions: W115 x φ97 x H80mm / For 1-2 Cups 
Weight: 140g

  • Not suitable for use in microwave or dishwasher.
  • Please note these drippers are made by hand and have small imperfections that give them character.